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What is a user's Win-Loss Record?

A player's win-loss record can be found in their user profile. Their record is a reflection of results of matches played in the Challenge Mode.

Tap on the 'Wins' section of the User Profile Screen to view User Record Data.

How do Results Work?

A user can challenge another player into a 1v1 Social 'Public' or 'Private' Challenge. The results of these matches are recorded to their profile win count. 

Public Matches: Pertain to video-challenges submitted by both users for 36 hour voting. The user that receives the highest votes after 36 hours will win.

Private Matches: This type of 1v1 challenge does not involve video recording. Instead, the match is played in-person on the field with an immediate result logged by each player. The result of the match is logged to both players' user profile win count.

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