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Pro Module

What material do I place in the Club Methodology, Sessions and Resources?

Adding material to the Club Methodology, Sessions and Resources

How do I use Player Evaluations for my Team?

How do I use Team Evaluations for my Team?

Adding Player and Team Evaluation Templates

Adding events for Evaluations

Adding Key Performance Indicators

How to best use the Video Analysis Program? 

How to Upload Video Analysis Files?

What is the Team Resource tool, and how do I best utilize the program?

How to use the College Preparation program?

How to upload College Prep resources?

How does a user create a Top Schools' List?

How can I email college programs using the Footy App?

How do I use the College Checklist and Tracking feature?

How do player's complete their Individual Development Plan?

Do coaches have access to edit an IDP?

Posting resources into the Sports Psychology, Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep and Leadership Programs

Who has access to see club customized content?

How do I add my own Strength & Conditioning Program?

What variety of training sessions can I use when creating a Strength & Conditioning Program?

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