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Setting up a Sustainability Plan

A Case for Sustainability Plan

We understand that player development does not happen overnight. It is a process needing commitment. In our partnership, we’ll work hand-in-hand to execute incentivization strategies to drive sustained longterm user rates. As a result, we want Footy to become integrated into club culture. More than theoretical, our effects of change last.

3 Execution Keys for Sustainability

The Execution phase serves as the first half of Footy’s Sustainability Plan and is broken down into three parts: Pages 4-9 thoroughly addresses the execution steps for your club as the 1st part of sustainability.

A: Build a Routine-  There is enough variety of gamification and training styles so that training does not become stale. A routine using each of the training types will not only help vary the training, but give opportunity for sustainability.


B: Reinforcement from Coaches, Managers, Parents and Admin to Drive a Tipping Point- Not all players are equally intrinsically motivated.  Some players will not need any push from outside influence, but others may.  People make decisions based off what is deemed necessary and accepted.  The coach’s job is to find the tipping point for full team usage.


C: Reward with Incentivization Strategies-  Once a tipping point is established, there still needs to be enough engagement and reward to sustain usage for longterm effects. 

Reward System

A balance between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation solutions can be used to maintain a usage routine.

The Footy App will produce a reward system for players on a monthly and seasonal plan based off of the club's available budgeting.

Sustainability Support

The app provides the following services for support.

A: Web-based Support- The Resource Help section of the Footy App website provides a wide range of documented assistance for each aspect, feature and program. You can use this service to self-assist your immediate questions.

B: Extended Support-  Please contact us at with questions about your sustainability plan.

C: Organization-Wide Seminars- Hosting help seminar calls with players, parents and club administrators is a simple way to educate users about features and best practices. 

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