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How Does the Point and Rating System Work?


The point system is quite simple. It is established to track the amount of usage per player. Value: You receive 1 point for every 1 minute trained.

Leaderboard: Your overall Ranking and Leaderboard placement is determined by the total points accumulated.

Points System.jpg


The Rating system is rather complex. It is established to assess the abilities of a player as a result of training. Every user starts at a Rating of 50. The rating categories and dependent on their position (GK or Outfield Position). There are two main ways to improve your ratings by (1) submitting baseline testing scores and (2) continuous training. 

Baseline Ratings: Testing Mode (Technical and Physical)

The fastest way to improve your ratings is to submit all of your testing scores. This is the best way to establish your baseline rating. Players complete an exercise and submit their score, and a rating is earned based on the user's age and gender. Please note that each exercise has set values determined for certain rating categories.


Rating Increases: Training by Repetition (Career Mode and Functional Program)

The more you train, the high your ratings will go up. And they will increase in the technical area trained. Each exercise has a set value system rating increase if completed. Over time, a user will slowly increase their rating with constant training.

Rating System.jpg
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