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What is the Purpose of having Followers?

Followers hold an important place in the social component to the Footy App. Followers are able to view videos that you share into your news feed.

- Followers of a 1v1 Challenge Mode Match: When you play against an opponent in a 1v1 Public Challenge that match of side-by-side videos are posted for 36 hours of voting in your news feed to only your followers. Therefore, having a larger following allows your supporters to help you win matches.  

- Followers of Hashtag Challenges: Your club or team may host hashtag challenges. You must be a follower of a user to view their posted challenge.

- Followers give support: Finally, followers can stay up-to-date with what you are doing in your soccer career. Keep them posted!

How do I add Followers?

It is very simple to add followers.

Step 1: Tap the 'magnifying glass' on the top right corner of the following screens. (1) User Profile (2) Challenge Mode (3) News Feed (4) Notification Screen and (5) Leaderboard 

Step 2: Search through all users within the Footy App community.

Step 3: Send that user a follower request by tapping the the teal blue 'follow' button.

Step 4: Each user will receive a notification in their 'Alerts' screen to a follower request and confirmation.

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