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Distributing Club Accounts to Players and Coaches


*Please refer to your Footy App Project Manager for the guidance below.

Step 1. Complete the Implementation Plan to Identify the # of each account type expected

 - Account Types: 'Training' 'Pro' 'Coaches'  

Step 2. Email your Footy App Project Manager your club/organization roster including:

- Player Roster: Full Name of Player, Email Address, Gender, Assigned Team.

- Coaches Roster: Full Name of Coach, Email Address, Assigned Team

Please note that each account (Player and Coach) must all have unique email addresses. A tentative email address will be assigned if duplicate cases are found, and we strongly recommend changing your email address immediately after login for password retrieval.

Step 3. Your Footy App Project Manager will generate accounts and return to the club/organization POC account credentials for each team.

Step 4. Distribute each document to the team coach assigned for distribution.

Additional: Please contact for additional assistance of club/organization account creation.

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