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Creating a Footy App Account


If you do not have a Footy App account, do not worry! It is easy to create.

a. On the bottom of the Footy App Login screen tap tap on 'Create

b. Type in your account information: Name, Email, Username and Password. 

c. Do you have a club code? If not, no worries. This is an optional tab. Club codes are provided to players from a club that has an established partnership with the Footy App.

d. Click the Check Box for 'Terms' and 'Privacy Policy'

e. Tap 'Submit' to create a new account.

f. Account Type: You must subscribe to Footy 'Training' or Footy 'Pro' account types.

Footy 'Training' accounts receive access to only technical training and challenge mode.

Footy 'Pro' accounts receive full access to all of Footy App features.   

Creating a New Footy App Account.jpg
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