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Getting Started

How to Login with a Club Account

How to Edit your Profile

Reset Your Password and Logout

Automatic Log-Outs

How to Login to Desktop Access?

Renewing Accounts for Next Year

User Profile

What is the Point System?

Why have Followers?

How to Improve User Ratings?

What are Player Notes?

How do I add multiple profile pics?

Train Module

Adding my own Featured Sessions

Career Mode Starting Points

How to Reset the Career Mode?

Functional Program Progression

Learn Program

How does the Testing Mode work?

Training Recommendations by Age

Pro Module

How do I add Club Methodology?

How do I add Club Sessions?

How do I use Player Evaluations?

How do I use Team Evaluations?

Adding Player Tracking Events

Adding Key Performance Indicators

Uploading Video Analysis files

Uploading Team Resources

College Preparation Oversight

Individual Development Plans (IDP)

Adding Strength & Con. Programs

Posting Educational Resources 

Challenge Mode

Types of 1v1 Challenges

Results in Public matches

Getting Started

The Footy App is a player development service provided annually. 

Individual Player Accounts

Individual player accounts are auto-renewed one year out from the starting date of subscription. This is an automated process by the App Store / Google Play provider. Your account will auto-renew until your subscription is deleted. 

Player Accounts within a Team, University or Club

At the end of each season teams will be asked to update their player roster. After doing such, any players that do not remain in the organization will be deactivated. 

Please contact if you need further assistance adding, deleting and modifying accounts from your roster.

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