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How to edit your profile

Footy strongly recommends keeping your profile information up to date. In particular, the email address used for your account is linked to your password retrieval support. Please view the following steps below to edit your profile. 

Step 1: Navigate to Profile Page

Click on the top left ​Profile Icon found after login. This will be a generic profile icon unless you have uploaded a profile picture. 

Step 2: Edit Profile Page

Tap the teal blue button that says 'Edit Profile'

Step 3: Edit your Profile Information

Footy recommends all players edit their profile information after login. This includes your username, password, date of birth, email and more. 

Screenshot 2023-10-18 at 8.25.26 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-10-18 at 8.28.47 AM.png

Basic Profile Information

Top Line 'Ricardo Webb' = Player's Name.  Tap to edit

Second Line 'Webby' = Username.  Tap to edit

Main Profile Picture: Tap to change your profile picture

Date of Birth, Gender, Email and Position

Note: The Position selected will effect your account in two ways.

1. Profile ratings categories (GK vs Field Players)

2. Starting XI leaderboard (Top usage by position)

Training Calendar: This allows users to create a weekly schedule routine for themselves. A push notification will be issued to each user 15 minutes prior to their scheduled training period.

Account Settings and Support: This section allows users to adjust their password and push notification settings. 

Saving Changes: Be sure to tap 'Save' at the bottom of the edit profile screen to secure any adjustments to your profile.

Delete Account and Logout: In the bottom section of the edit profile page, you may also delete your subscription and logout of your account,

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