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How do I login to my desktop access?

The Footy App has a desktop website for Coaches, Directors, Admin and Private Trainers. This website platform has been designed to enhance the coaches and directors ability maximize the Footy App for their players.

How to Login?

Visit the administrative website at:

Screenshot 10-18-2023 10.16.24.png

Login Credentials

Email: This is the same email used when creating your Footy App account. 

Password: This is initially set as the same password you would use to log into your Footy App account.

If you are a coach, director or private trainer and are having trouble accessing your admin panel desktop account, please contact us at

What are the Admin Desktop Uses?

The Admin Backend Website allows for the following main services

- Usage Tracking: Coaches and Admin can use the platform to track usage across individual accounts, teams and an entire organization

- Resource Uploading: This backend admin site is the portal coaches and administration can use to upload customized content (1) Branded Images, (2) Educational Resources of Sports Psychology, Nutrition, Sleep and Leadership Resources, College Prep, (3) Player and Team Evaluations (4) Club Methodology and Coaching Sessions, (4) Customized Physical Programming and (5) Other System Setup Tools - Key Performance Indicators, Scheduling, Team Importing, etc.

A coaches account does not have full access to all uploading resources and is only linked to accounts of their team(s).

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