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Why was I randomly logged out from my account?

You should not have to continue signing into your Footy App account.​ Users are kept logged in. However, there are a few instances of which a user could get randomly logged out.

Instance 1: Login from a Secondary Device

Only one device can be logged into one account at a time. If a login from a second device occurs, you will be automatically logged out from all other devices. 

As a troubleshooting occurrence, if you were randomly logged out of your account, it is possible that another device (Parent, Son, Player, etc.) has kicked you off.

Instance 2: Expired Club Code

Many club codes are set for one year. If you are automatically logged out of your account, it is possible that your subscription has expired.

Troubleshooting Suggestion. Please try logging back into your account. If you receive an error notification, this will confirm that your club subscription has expired. 

Please reach out to for further assistance.

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