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Armand Dikranian

Dikranian is a former Assistant Women's Soccer Coach at Florida State University. Coach Dikranian's resume includes:

  • Division I NCAA National Championship in 2014

  • 4 ACC Championships (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)

  • 142-42-31 college coaching record (10 seasons)



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Footy App's mission is to give back to the game and entire soccer community. Our aim to do this is by offering any resource players may need to accomplish their goals. The end result for us is a positive learning experience.  Additionally, players learn so many lessons that they can take with them to apply towards a successful life past the game. Footy's curriculum is the most extensive you will find with over 500 full-length session within a variety of training programs. It takes great dedication and diligence to become a Footy member to its completion. But upon completion, it is Footy's extended mission to give players a foundational core to the commitment of excellence.    ​

"By far the most thorough training platform in the market. Nothing can compare.

dANI De olivieri 

Venezuela Elite FIFA Coaching Instructor

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